A resource dedicated to help men be successful in relationship. 

When men are confident in their ability (actionable knowledge) to connect, it makes for exceptional relationships.

Exceptional Relationships make exceptional marriages.

Exceptional Marriages make exceptional families. 

Exceptional Families make exceptional culture. 

Exceptional Culture are environments where everyone thrives.


Ryan Hofacre


Three ways to connect with me…

The Better Man Manifesto

My goal is to create men who can confidently live this manifesto. 

A Better Man is a new breed of Lover…

Smarter, Transparent, Wild and Free.

Better Men wage gorilla warfare on sleazy manipulation tactics, see them as infantile and will have better sex at 65 than 22…

Better Men start with honor and end with honor.

“Excuses” are a FOUR letter word and

“Fearless” is their middle name.

Better men never play games

Because they're too busy saying “no” to opportunities that don’t align with their bad ass future

Better men stand on the shoulders of giants, reach for the stars and

dream of a world where their children’s future seems brighter and possibilities are endless.

Better Men unmask beauty and are never shackled to the opinions of others.

Better Men Create Value

and when a women comes into the picture it’s simply an opportunity to multiply and export what we give.

We are Better Men… And we…

Define our own value

Create our own opportunities.

Build rock solid intimate connections

And Reimagine the 21st century Hero…

I am a Better Man…

My Flagship Online Course

Win Her: The Better Man’s Guide To Sweeping and Keeping Her Off of Her Feet.

  • A complete A-Z system that teaches you how to win the heart of a woman you deeply desire and keep the heart of a woman you deeply desire.
  • The Road map to what intimacy looks like in a relationship long-term.
  • Learn the five phases of dating from Attraction to Engagement.
  • Have a detailed plan to create deep levels of connection.
  • A place to ask your burning questions in Community support.
  • Exercises to increase, in what experts consider to be, the supreme skill in all areas of life.
  • And Much more!!

#1 Step by Step Video training – 6 modules (6 weeks) 32 video teaching
Image Image
#2 Private Community – A Place to ASK your burning questions and find support through others.
Image Image

Ryan Hofacre


Three ways to connect with me…

About the Creator

Husband & Father of his beautiful wife Angie and their little girl, Maddie, who is almost 2 and keeps them on their toes!

Author who wrote the system “Oppressing Depression: Teaching the Truth Behind the Fast Permanent Pathway to Freedom From Depression.”

Expert who has taught on the subject of Emotional Intelligence in over 30 States to over 80 Businesses and Organizations.

Entrepreneur: CEO of two companies.


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